Basic Subtraction

Subtraction is basically the operation of removing objects from a collection

For example - When you bring home a bag of tennis balls which has 6 balls alltogether. You want to take 2 balls with you when you go to play tennis. You have just subtracted 2 from 6. In other words you have total of 6 balls in the bag, you took 2 with you to play tennis and you have 4 left in the bag.
6 - 2 = 4

A few important rules

Order Matters: Subracting 2 from 6 is not the same as subtracting 6 from 2. Also, the otder matters when subtracting more than two numbers.
Zero is ineffective: Subtracting 0 from a number does not change that number.
4 - 0 = 4

There are more rule that we will encounter when dealing with subtraction but for now we we are good. - Almost a Mathmatition.

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